Less of the Stress, please!

This sign should be placed round my neck every morning.

Some people thrive off anxiety and stress producing their best essay or performing well under pressure.


That’s not me.


I hate the idea of having to give notices in our morning meetings where I mumble and stumble over my words.  I don’t even know how I have the guts to stand up and teach 130 odd pupils a week, but somehow I do.


What I am finding difficult and something that is starting to panic me is that I feel like I can’t cope, that I’m constantly anxious in the classroom.  I’m out of breath and my heart is frantically beating away as though it is trying to escape my body through my chest.


So I went to the doctors recently and they prescribed me Beta Blockers to help deal with my anxiety issues.  Believe me that I worry about everything, and I’ve been known to lie awake at three o’clock in the morning crying with worry and anxiety.  When I read the literature that came with the tablets, I started to then get anxious about taking them, especially when they are usually prescribed for your heart.


For the first time in my life I choose relax.

Tablets may be okay short term; however, they are not something that I should be taking all the time.  Instead, I need to sort out what is wrong with me inside and why I worry about everything.  I also need to, for my own sanity, stop stressing so much and try to live in a peaceful and calm world.  My aim over the course of this blog is to use various strategies to unlock that inner calm.


Meditation,  mindfulness,  yoga and jogging here I come.


Thanks to Pixabay for all the images you will find on this website.


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  1. This is nice I like how you are open about what worries you and maybe you should try something new like changing your work environment.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m working on that at the moment, believe me. I did wonder whether I could meditate in my free lessons, or perhaps play relaxing music to my pupils.

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      1. Those are some good ideas. Just give them a shot.


  2. Tara says:

    I have lived with anxiety and OCD for many years now. I changed my lifestyle as well. I absolutely love yoga. It gives me an inner calmness which is clarifying. My yoga teacher references a concept in our class, “We have gainers and drainers. We need more gainers in our lives and a lot less of the drainers.” It is a hard concept for practice because it isn’t always practical, but limiting time with the ‘drainers’ of the world whether they be friends, family, job situations, etc. does allow for inner calmness. As humans, we have the ability to change or shift. Awareness is the first step. I am always the student. Stay beautiful!


    1. Good ideas with the gainers and drainers. I can already think of some that are culprits for drainers. Definitely need to limit my time with the drainers. Thanks for the advice.


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