An Anxious Driver … Tries Body & Soul CDs.

I hate driving to and from work probably because I find myself tensing up as I journey down the two main A-roads.  It is only a twenty minute journey, but my anxiety has me worrying about everything.  I’m not relaxed and I definitely don’t feel calm.

I wish my mind was a calm as the rippling water in this picture

It was something that I tried to combat last year and did to a greater extent with buying some chillout albums; however, deciding to opt for the relaxing and calmer life, I made up my mind to invest in some more relaxing CDs to play whilst driving.  I ordered three CDs from Amazon.  They are under the Body & Soul range.  There is a whole array of CDs that are produced by Body & Soul, but I decided to go for the following titles: Relaxation, Anti-Stress and Calm.


As soon as I played them, I was taken back to various massage treatments and spa days I have been on.  I think one CD had been used in a treatment I had recently, as a few tunes sounded strangely familiar.  The CDs are relaxing.  Some contain tunes that are reminiscent of oriental music; others contain melodies that are simple and calming – perfect for relieving tension and alleviating anxiety.  Each CD comes with its own booklet with other techniques you could use to help you when aiming for relaxation, less stress or calm (depending on the CD you choose).


I played the Relaxation CD in the house when I was trying to mark books a few weekends ago.  It definitely helped me feel less anxious about the marking I had in front of me.  I also used the Calm CD in the background when I was meditating a few days ago.  It helped me remain chilled and calm (so it does exactly what it says on the tin).  The tips in the booklets are also very handy and include ideas that I definitely want to check out and try in the future.


I even tried playing the three CDs in the car.  While I’ve not been at work this last week, and I’m enjoying the Easter holidays, I have been out and about on numerous days out.  The music was relaxing when I wasn’t driving, and I could focus on it.  It was even relaxing when I was taking my pet pooch to the local park earlier today.  However, the music seemed to fade into obscurity when I went down one of the A-roads to see my mother recently.  I wasn’t focusing on my breathing, and I certainly wasn’t focusing on the relaxing music.  Instead, I felt myself getting tense in the neck and shoulders.  I will need to go back to the drawing board with how to feel more chilled out and relaxed when driving as it seems to not always work with me.


The CDs will come in handy, as I’m very tempted to take one to work and play it whenever I have a free lesson.  I’m also going to try playing them for my hectic classes in the hopes that they will calm me down and will also calm them down.  I don’t know what reaction I will get, but I can only give it a try.  I will also continue to use the CDs for meditation and mindfulness in the future.


Here are links to the Body & Soul CDs I bought from Amazon:





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